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Stay Small, Stay Safe

At The Captain Swift Inn, we're not only adhering to all Federal, State and CDC guidelines, we are also implementing additional protocols to help keep our guests safe. These changes to cleaning protocols; social distancing; flexible and stress-free cancellations are just some of what you can expect as our guest!

 Your Welcome Book

In the email confirmation prior to your arrival you were provided with a link to the Inn's Welcome Book. We ask that you download the Welcome Book to your phone as it is a handy resource for you to use during your entire stay.  It provides everything you can possibly need to know beginning with directions on how to find us; links to local weather, what to do from arrival to departure to include how to check-in; breakfast service options; the operation of the electronics in your room; the code to use to enter the Inn after 10 p.m.;  a complete Local Area Guide and more! 

Early Check-In 

As a result of Covid, we are required to temporarily keep our rooms guest free after check-out for a minimum of four hours. This means that we are temporarily unable to offer an earlier check-in for our direct booked guests, unless that room was unoccupied the previous night.  When able, we try keep our rooms guest-free for 24 hours before the next check-in, but that is not always possible.

Self Check-In Option

For guests interested in minimizing interaction and optimizing social distancing, we offer the opportunity for a self check-in.  If you are interested in this, please let us know in advance of your arrival date and we will email you the necessary information.  

When You Arrive 

In an effort to provide social distancing during the check-in process, we ask that you call or text as us 207.230.4028 before you enter the Inn so we can be sure we are ready for your check-in. By now you would have already decided if you wanted to have a self check-in which limits interaction or a full welcome check-in which includes a brief tour of the common areas, explanation of amenities and breakfast and introduction to your room.

Currently our Governor is requiring that when we interact with you, we wear masks and that you do as well when you are in common areas with other guests. We have disposable masks for you if you don't already have one.  In Maine, it is recommended that masks be worn in retail stores and restaurants where social distancing is more challenging

During Your Stay

We recognize that the COVID-19  virus has required all of us to be more mindful as we go through our regular activities. We have always prided ourselves in providing pristine lodging to guests and our property cleanliness is often remarked on by guests in their reviews.  Despite that, we've taken additional measures to keep you safe.  Daily, our Inn is working to ensure that we meet and exceed the latest guidance from the CDC and State of Maine on hygiene and cleaning protocols.  Our health and safety measures are designed to address public health and covers everything from hand washing hygiene; wearing protective equipment; meeting cleaning product specifications for guestrooms and common areas and increasing cleaning frequencies. In addition to using cleaning disinfectants certified by the EPA, we are also using black lights and ultraviolet disinfection germicidal lamps to sanitize.

Prepared Just For You

In preparation for your arrival, we remove all the unused glasses, mugs, plates and utensils stored in guest rooms and clean and sanitize them before returning them to your room. We make no assumptions that if items appear to be clean and not used by the previous guest that they are clean. As a result, we are most likely sanitizing and cleaning unused and clean items from guest rooms but that is the only way we know for sure that those items are truly ready for you.

Likewise, we've removed all guidebooks; local magazines, pens and stationery from the guests rooms to reduce high contact items. If you'd like a guidebook we will give you one and we have disinfected pens for your use as well.

Multi-use items like condiments and salt and pepper are now available in single use packets or single-serve dishes and when our team members are serving you they will be wearing protective face coverings and sanitary gloves.

Temporary Change To Daily Housekeeping

In a desire to offer you the safest experience while at the Inn, and in following the recommendations from our hospitality associations, we are limiting the number of individuals who enter your room while you are our guest, which means we will only be providing daily housekeeping services upon request.  As a matter of routine, we have included linen laundry bags in your room and ask that you place your used towels in the bag and leave the bag outside your door and we will provide fresh towels and laundry bag to you.  In addition, please leave garbage and recycling containers and any delivered breakfast service items outside your door and we will remove and replace dishes as necessary.

If you would like our team to come in and refresh your room, we are happy to do so; please be sure to let us know either the night before or during breakfast.

Sanitizer Areas

We've added stations throughout our common areas where you'll have access to disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks during your stay should you choose to use them. In addition, a package of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are placed in each guest room in case you want them for increased safety purposes. 

Your Linens

Prior to your arrival, we have always laundered all linens in your guestroom - this includes your pillow shams; comforter which is tucked within your triple sheet; all sheets and the coverlet that tops your bed.  During this time we are taking additional steps and have temporarily removed decorative pillows and bed scarves.

Whirlpool Tubs

Our cleaning process has always been to disinfect all surfaces of our whirlpool tubs and also fill the tub with water and bleach and run the whirlpool for 10-15 minutes to clean the jets. We do this after each guest checks out of our suites which contain the whirlpool tubs. 

Cleaning Protocols

All upholstered furniture is cleaned daily with a UV Ultraviolet germicidal lamp, and all high contact areas are cleaned multiple times during the day to include interior and exterior banisters, light switches, remotes, lamp turns, door handles and more.

Temporary Changes to Self Service Areas

Keeping social distancing in mind along with reducing high touch surfaces, we have instituted some temporary measures having to do with self service areas at the Inn.  Specifically, we are temporarily changing how we provide breakfast; inn-prepared goodies and more. Our Hot Sip Nook is still available to guests, but we will serve you; same with our items from our Guest Beverage Bar. And all of our Inn-prepared goodies are pre-bagged and ready for you to enjoy!  As a small owner-operated boutique lodging property, we are fortunate as we are always on the premises available to you should you require anything and we have full oversight of your entire lodging experience.

First Course Buffet

Looking to reduce high contact points, we suspended our First Course European inspired buffet.  Knowing that this has been a guest favorite in the overall breakfast experience, you will still be able to enjoy all the items that have been previously offered on the buffet - the difference is now you will have to pre-select the items off a menu the night before which gives us time to have them ready the next morning to deliver to your table, either in the dining room or on our deck, as well as to your guestroom if you prefer.

Signature Three-Course Breakfast Dining

Our full three-course breakfast will only be available to guests dining in our dining room or on our dining deck, weather permitting.  To reduce the number of guests dining at any particular time, you will pre-select your desired breakfast time.  You'll be asked to make your breakfast decisions and pick a breakfast time the night before. When outside dining is not an option and/or when the Inn is more than 50% booked, there will be only two breakfast seatings - one at 8:00 a.m. and the other at 9:30 a.m.  This ensures that fewer guests will be dining at any given time and provides social distance during the breakfast service. Our team wears protective face coverings and gloves as long as is recommended by the CDC and State of Maine when serving your food.

In-Room Breakfast Option

Guests can now enjoy our Two-Course European breakfast service. Guests who chose this option will select First-Course items listed on our Breakfast Selection form and will also enjoy our second-course offering, which is the prepared fruit of the day and might be apple turnovers, a blueberry tart with lemon cream or rum raisin pears with apple jack brandy - just to name a few.  Guests who opt for in-room breakfast will not receive the third-course, which is the breakfast of the day.  Our three-course breakfast is always available, but you have to elect to have breakfast in the dining room or on the deck.

Dinner In

Guests have the opportunity to bring dinner in from any of our area restaurants, or have it delivered, and enjoy it in our dining room or on our deck.  Just let us know in advance and we'll have the table set for you, we'll light the candle and the music will already be on! And if you'd like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, just let us know and we'll add it to your tab! 

If you prefer to bring your dinner back to your room, that is also an option. Please let us know and we'll provide tray tables, utensils and plates to make your dine-in experience more enjoyable.  Please leave all items outside your door when you are done and we will remove it for you.

Cookies On The Go

Our cookie jars may be gone but not the cookies! For your safety, we are wrapping our chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and macadamia cranberry nut cookies and they will be on a platter in the Keeping Room.  And our inn-blended trail mix; other inn-baked goodies, and our local chocolate covered blueberries, will also be individually wrapped or bagged for you to "grab and go."

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